Foster Township Recreation Area

Prodesign Plus, P.C.  -  Parks & Recreation - Freeland, PA


In 2007, the Foster Township Board of Supervisors retained the services of Prodesign Plus, P.C. for the preparation of design and bidding documents for the continued development of the Foster Township Recreation Area.  The basketball and tennis courts as well as the large play apparatus were existing at the start of the project.  An evergreen screen was desired by the Township along the northern fence to screen the existing Township storage yard from view.  Our work included the color coat surfacing and restriping of the existing basketball and tennis courts.  The work also included the installation of landscaping, a new tot-mountain climber and tot-swing with safety surfacing under the play equipment.  Safety surface was contained with a plastic border timber system.  Benches and litter receptacles were also placed at the play area.  The entire project was funded by the Luzerne County Community Development Office from funds received by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.