Full Gospel Fellowship Church

Prodesign Plus, P.C.  -  Churches/Religious Establishments

The Reverend Eleanor Debalso of the Full Gospel Fellowship Church retained our firm to complete plans for the development of a Church Facility.  The proposed work site was located in the City of Hazleton off of Route 924.  The work involved research, site reconnaissance and data collection necessary for the preparation of appropriate documentation and submission to the individual regulatory agencies in order to obtain the required site and land development plan approvals for the project.

The floor plan for the Full Gospel Fellowship of Hazleton, Inc., was completed by Ronald S. Dillman, R.A.  Prodesign Plus, P.C.  worked with the floor plans to complete site grading/land development plans, erosion and sediment control plans, and post-construction storm water management plans for the project.  Our firm also completed an NPDES Permit application that was then approved by the Luzerne Conservation District in February of 2004.   Then the project was awarded approval for zoning and development by Hazle Township Supervisors.