Residential Site Planning

Prodesign Plus, P.C.  -  Residential Developments - Pottsville, PA


Prodesign Plus, P.C. has designed numerous residential subdivisions- from single lot subdivisions to subdivisions involving the development in excess of 70 lots. Our firm has designed a variety of creative storm water facilities for residential development from shallow rain gardens in back yards used to detain storm water to more elaborate underground storm water infiltration systems. All design work has been performed to conform to local municipal subdivision and land development ordinances in conjunction with local municipal zoning regulations.  As part of the planning process, our firm has also been involved in site planning for single family dwellings on individual lots within a variety of residential developments, both existing and new. As always, proper site planning is a plus in the sale of residential dwellings. Wooded lots are a favorite for lot buyers and our site planning process endeavors to maintain as much existing vegetation as possible. Site disturbance is kept to a minimum, in order to take advantage of appealing views, sunlight, breezes, and privacy. Outdoor private living space is also desirable for homeowners for courts, patios, terraces, decks, or balconies.