Sharp Mountain Reclamation

Prodesign Plus, P.C.  -  Mine Land Reclamation - Pottsville, PA

The City of Pottsville retained the services of Prodesign Plus, P.C. to prepare bid drawings and specifications for the reclamation of strip mine areas on Sharp Mountain in the City of Pottsville. Prodesign Plus, P.C. has been involved in the reclamation project from the initial demonstration project through the current seventh phase of the project. The reclamation project has spanned the backfilling of several strip mine pits. The pits have been cleaned of combustible debris, openings blocked with discarded pre-cast concrete beams, panels and reinforcing wire, pits filled with a low strength concrete slurry to form a "plug", pits filled with approved fly ash and covered with bulk fill material and topsoil. The reclamation areas were seeded upon completion with strip mine seed mixtures.