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Pennsylvania is the most flood prone state in the country.  It has experienced several serious and sometimes devastating floods during the past century, often as a result of tropical storms and hurricanes, and heavy rainfall on existing snow packs. To a large extent, the flooding that results from such extreme storms and hurricanes occurs naturally and will continue to occur.  Stormwater management cannot eliminate flooding during such severe rainfall events.

With Stormwater Infiltrometer Testing we can determine the infiltration rate of the soil of the site.  After we have the infiltration rate, we can perform calculations to then determine the most suitable Stormwater Management various types of development. 

Today's regulations for site control and stormwater management require infiltration rates of project sites as part of the site design process.  The equipment we currently use has been approved by the Department of Environmental Protection.  For more information on the Turf-Tec Infiltrometer click on the link to the left.

All Stormwater Infiltrometer Testing is headed by our Sewage Enforcement Officer, Michael D. Cymbala.