Wine and Spirits, Dock Street

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In May of 2005, Prodesign Plus, P.C.  was retained by MBC Development to provide site design services for the proposed Wine and Spirits Dtore in Schuylkill Haven.  The site location is in the Borough of Schuylkill Haven, on Dock Street, State Route 443.  Our office prepared a site grading/land development plan, erosion and sediment control plan and post-construction storm water management proposing the site layout with the building, parking area, storm water conveyance facilities and storm water detention facility.  Our office prepared a Highway Occupancy Permit that was reviewed and approved by PennDOT on April 18, 2006.  Construction details were provided for the site features shown on the final site grading/land development plan such as the recommended paving, inlets, pipe and storm water detention piping.  The construction was completed not too long after plans were approved.